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We are always looking for new programming to add to our mix, without raising our prices. You won't have to settle for just 100 or 200 channels that never have the premium movie you want or are blocking the gave you want to see. Surf to your hearts content on Shack TV and bring the world to your living room. Watch local broadcasts from several major cities and stay up to date on news from around the world.
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All you need to get started with Shack TV is your computer or smartphone. Just download the app from Ulysses Hosting and log in with the provided access code. You now have access to every mini series, prime time TV, and major sports event you can imagine. We often include pay-per-view events without charging an extra premium for the month. There is no box, new remote, or a late cable installer.
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Catch all the major league football, baseball, hockey, boxing, and racing and skip the hassle of maintaining multiple premium packages in addition to your high cable or satellite bill. Watch blockbuster movies as soon as they hit the big cable networks--don't wait for them to appear loaded with commercials and edits. Ulysses Hosting Shack Pro TV is simply everything you want at a much lower price. Click today and start streaming!